In-depth analysis of lifetime costs of grid scale energy storage technologies
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This report provides a realistic lifecycle cost analysis of the main grid-scale electrical storage technologies, particularly Lithium Ion (Li-ion) and Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES), as well as insight into the expected evolution of storage costs.

Topics covered in the report:
  • Lifetime cost analysis: Find out what it costs to build and operate utility scale Li-ion and CAES storage facilities
  • Cost breakdown: Get insight into the cost of each component part of a storage system
  • Expected cost reductions: Get an insight into the factors that could drive down the costs of grid scale energy storage solutions
  • Pros and cons of energy storage technologies: Learn how storage technologies compare against each other and against non-storage options which deliver similar benefits
  • Practical applications of energy storage technologies: Get clarity on how storage technologies have actually been deployed in the USA and beyond
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